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The city Department of Investigation is probing a special housing program that allows tenants to buy their apartments for as little as $250, according to multiple sources.

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The city has spent more than $1 million subsidizing the rents of a dozen tenants it forced from a century-old Manhattan apartment building it promised to renovate in 2008.

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WEST HARLEM — Luisa Rodriguez moved out of her West 150th Street apartment temporarily in 2008 after the city promised to make crucial repairs on the unit and then let her buy it for next to nothing under a city-sponsored program.

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Hace tres semanas que la caldera del edificio no funciona y la agencia le entregó a los inquilinos bolsas de dormir para que se protegieran del frío mientras se corrige la situación.

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Shane Jones is a double amputee and there is no ramp to get in or out of the residential building in Harlem. Everyday he he has to count on the kindness of his neighbors.

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HARLEM – For the past month or so, 81-year-old Beatrice Hunter has woken each morning in her drafty Central Harlem home and boiled water.

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Due to an error by state officials, rent limits on tens of thousands of New York City apartments were improperly removed. Now, 20 years later, the state is relying on landlords to fix that problem. What could go wrong?

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Según un comunicado de la ciudad, no es una orden de desalojo, si no una medida para garantizar la seguridad de los inquilinos. La vivienda es para una familia y hay tres familias ocupando la vivienda.

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Un escape de gas puede ser muy peligroso. Te explicamos que debes hacer si esto te sucede. Hasta podrías pedir una reducción del alquiler por no recibir el servicio de gas.

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Nueva York—  Parte del techo del apartamento de Erasmo Guerrero (67), colapsó el otoño pasado tras la reparación no autorizada por la Ciudad en el piso de arriba. La empresa propietaria de su edificio en Harlem, BCB Management, ahora enfrenta el escrutinio de las autoridades y decenas de violaciones.

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Más de 50 organizaciones luchan diariamente en la ciudad de Nueva York para parar los desahucios y el acoso de los propietarios ante la descontrolada gentrificación de las últimas décadas.

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This weekend, the organization People Against Landlord Abuse and Tenant Exploitation-Harlem held a two-day “Demystifying Housing” conference in Harlem. The conference featured speakers from relevant city agencies such as New York Housing Preservation and Development and the Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

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Landlords can use preferential rent to quietly turn stabilized units into market-rate apartments, advocates say. Tenants should be weary of landlords offering lower rents, Elsia Vasquez, the executive director of Pa’Lante a tenant advocacy group who helped Antonia through the process, said.

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HAMILTON HEIGHTS — A landlord who owes a tenant $112,000 knew he was overcharging for the rent-stabilized apartment for more than 20 years but never tried to correct it, state housing officials have ruled.

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Families Freeze After 'Worst Landlord' Runs out of Heating Oil 

HAMILTON HEIGHTS — After spending the coldest day of the year without heat and hot water, Isabela Paz and her family are boiling mad.

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