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Organize Your Neighbors

A tenants association is a union of all. When tenants work together, they can apply the most pressure to make a landlord provide services, make repairs, and stop harassment - and get the best possible home for the rent they are paying. A strong tenant association can force a landlord to listen; as a group, tenants will have more leverage to negotiate, file complaints with city and state agencies, get help from elected officials, go to court, or – if push comes to shove – go on rent strike. There are no precise rules for starting a tenant association. Nevertheless, based upon the experience of thousands of associations, we can provide guidelines for forming an effective tenant association.

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If you think that your building needs a tenant association, it is almost certain that other ten-ants in the building feel the same way. The first step is to find those tenants and talk to them about the need for a meeting to discuss prob-lems and what to do.


Negotiations with your landlord, court actions and rent strikes are among the possible weapons the organization can use to achieve results.


In the end, just as tenant can get more when they’re united with-in the building, they can get more when they unite with other tenants and tenants’ associations in their neighborhoods and in the City at large.

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P.A.’L.A.N.T.E. helps residents form tenant associations and empowers community residents. We hold irresponsible landlords and reckless property managers accountable for housing code violations, illegal evictions, and tenant harassment. Organize your neighbors!

How To Form A Tenant Association 

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