Conferencia en Manhattan ofrece talleres gratuítos para los inquilinos. Conferencia en Manhattan ofrece talleres gratuítos para los inquilinos.

Palante Harlem está trabajando para los inquilinos hasta el 1ero de Agosto:  P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. Organice una conferencia anual de vivienda desmitificadora que se centre en proporcionar información útil a los inquilinos y propietarios.


OPEN: P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. Bronx net Interview : Open host Veronica Guity sits down with Representatives of P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. Harlem for a look at their upcoming Conference for NYC renters & homeowners, Demystifying Housing.

Seminarios de Ayuda para inquilinos en apuros: La agencia de servicios a los inquilinos P.A.'L.A.N.T.E., (People Against Landlord Abuses & Tenant Exploitation) realiza en City College seminarios gratuitos, desde el 30 de Julio hasta el primero de agosto.


Ana Martinez Success Story: Después de inmigración, la vivienda es el problema más común para nuestra comunidad. Ana es una inquilina que estuvo a punto de perder su casa después de más de 20 años. El equipo del 41 A tu lado logró salvarla del desalojo después de una profunda investigación y gracias a la nueva ley de vivienda. Te explicamos, además, todo lo que debes saber estas regulaciones.

Disputa sobre edificio en la corteNEW YORK - The city’s affordable housing crisis is no secret, but while the de Blasio Administration is scrambling to build as many new, reasonably priced apartments as possible, almost 600 city-owned apartments are empty and unused.

Latino Community Charges City Duped Them Out Of Home Ownership  Thousands of low-income Latino residents of city-owned buildings throughout Manhattan are alleging the city duped them into thinking they were on the verge of home ownership only to have the carpet pulled from beneath their feet.

Uptown Landlord Harasses Tenants By Withholding Keys: Reports Tenants of a Riverside Drive building are being forced to put down a deposit for keys to the apartment complex.


Derechos de inquilinos  Una conferencia sobre viviendas en Manhattan está educando a los inquilinos sobre sus derechos. Si su casero lo está acosando, quiere saber si está pagando demasiado alquiler o si ha..


Inquilinos denuncian malas condiciones de vivienda Los vecinos reclaman que sus apartamentos serán reducidos debido a la construcción de salidas de emergencia en caso de incendio.



Tenants Rally Against Landlord Abuses In Washington Heights The tenants of 600 West 161 Street, located on the corner of Broadway, say their landlord is putting them through unsafe conditions.



Caso resuelto, temía ser desalojada Ha vivido durante décadas en el mismo apartamento, pero su nombre nunca estuvo en el contrato de arrendamiento.


Roommates displaced by fire find better home thanks to Manhattan housing group They were left out in the cold when a raging blaze destroyed their Hamilton Heights apartment — but friends and co-workers opened the door to a new home.



Inside Manhattanville Tenants’ Fight against Predatory Landlords In the five months I’ve followed David Hanzal, a tenant of 3149 Broadway, I have never seen him so nervous. It’s about David’s 20th time in housing court since 2014. When we arrive on the line to pass security check, David immediately starts to rummage through his pockets. Watch, wallet, belt—without thought or hesitation, David skillfully and discreetly takes them off, all before the sign that reads, “PLEASE REMOVE BELT/WATCH/BRACELET” appears in front of him. It’s obvious he knows the drill.

Setup for Failure': Tenants and Officials Blast City's Rent-to-Own Program NEW YORK CITY — City officials offered a mea culpa regarding a longtime rent-to-own program that has been labeled a failure by tenants — admitting that the program became “unsustainable” after its launch nearly 40 years ago.


Special housing program is probed for alleged scam The city Department of Investigation is probing a special housing program that allows tenants to buy their apartments for as little as $250, according to multiple sources.



City has spent $1.4M on booted tenants’ storage

The city has shelled out at least $1.4 million in storage costs for tenants it forced from city-owned buildings over the past nine years.



Residents frustrated with city after nine-year renovation delay   The city has spent more than $1 million

subsidizing the rents of a dozen tenants it forced from a century-old Manhattan apartment building it promised to renovate in 2008.


City's Rent-to-Own Program Called a 'Failure' as Tenants Wait Years to Buy   Luisa Rodriguez moved out of her West 150th Street apartment temporarily in 2008 after the city promised to make crucial repairs on the unit and then let her buy it for next to nothing under a city-sponsored program.


Woman gets new Harlem home; PIX11 helps residents with rat, cockroach infestations   A Brooklyn mother got a new home and PIX11 News helped residents fight a major rat problem in a Harlem building in this week's follow-up Friday. Michaela Bell from Canarsie, Brooklyn was living in a dirty and unsafe place with her two toddlers. Bell said she was placed there by the city.


Inquilinos de HPD viven entre moho, chinches y paredes roídas en Harlem  El Departamento de Bomberos de Nueva York (FDNY) advierte a los neoyorquinos del riesgo de utilizar el horno de la estufa para calentar los apartamentos, debido a posibles incendios y fugas de gas, pero Jean Hockaday dice que no tuvo otra elección. A sus 78 años, sus articulaciones no toleran el intenso frío otoñal.


With no heat or hot water for weeks, Harlem families ask PIX11 News for help  The problems start at the front door of 161 140th St. Shane Jones is a double amputee and there is no ramp to get in or out of the residential building in Harlem. Everyday he he has to count on the kindness of his neighbors.


Tenants Face 'Life Threatening' Conditions at City-Owned Building, They Say  For the past month or so, 81-year-old Beatrice Hunter has woken each morning in her drafty Central Harlem home and boiled water.


New York Isn’t Telling Tenants They May Be Protected From Big Rent Hikes  Due to an error by state officials, rent limits on tens of thousands of New York City apartments were improperly removed. Now, 20 years later, the state is relying on landlords to fix that problem. What could go wrong?


Desalojan familia hispana en Manhattan  Según un comunicado de la ciudad, no es una orden de desalojo, si no una medida para garantizar la seguridad de los inquilinos. La vivienda es para una familia y hay tres familias ocupando la vivienda.


Qué hacer si hay un escape de gas en tu edificio  Un escape de gas puede ser muy peligroso. Te explicamos que debes hacer si esto te sucede. Hasta podrías pedir una reducción del alquiler por no recibir el servicio de gas.



Inquilinos y funcionarios exponen abuso de casero en Harlem  BCB Management ha incurrido en numerosas violaciones y sus arrendatarios se unen para denunciarlo

Esta gentrificación es una epidemia, tenemos que encontrar el antídoto” Más de 50 organizaciones luchan diariamente en la ciudad de Nueva York para parar los desahucios y el acoso de los propietarios ante la descontrolada gentrificación de las últimas décadas. En la iglesia situada en el número 1080 de la avenida Willoughby en Brooklyn se reúnen unas 20 personas para ver la proyección del documental Sí se puede, 7 días en PAH Barcelona. El film ofrece subtítulos en inglés, pero en este caso no son necesarios porque casi todo el público es de habla hispana. La proyección acaba entre aplausos y caras de esperanza entre los asistentes.


Rising rents raise quality of housing concerns  P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. is a tenant’s rights organization. Their mission is to empower residents of New York City with the information and tools necessary to hold neglectful landlords and property owners accountable for substandard living conditions on their properties.


Telemundo 47: Ayuda Para Inquilinos  Una organización sin fines de lucro en Harlem ayuda a los inquilinos a defenderse de los caseros inescrupulosos. Liz González explica cuales son las quejas más comunes y qué servicios ofrecen.



Landlord Owes Tenant $14.5K in Rent After Overcharging Her For Years Instead of paying rent on the first of the month, Antonia sends her landlord a bill.“We tell them to take [my rent] out of the savings account,” the 39-year-old single mother joked.  Her “savings account” is the $14,500 the company that owns her building owes her after the state determined it had been overcharging her rent since 2008, when Antonia, whose full last name is being withheld because she is an undocumented immigrant, moved into the rent-stabilized two-bedroom apartment on Fredrick Douglass Boulevard, records show.


Landlord Owes Tenant $112,000 After Overcharging Him for Years. He hit the housing lottery For more than six years, Ramon Hernandez had no idea his frigid, rat-plagued, crumbling apartment would turn out to be a gold mine. Last summer, the state awarded him $112,000 after he contested his rent and discovered he was being overcharged more than $1,000 a month. “It feels great,” Hernandez, 55, said in Spanish. “It’s like the landlord is being punished for years of bad service.”


Families Freeze After 'Worst Landlord' Runs out of Heating Oil After spending the coldest day of the year without heat and hot water, Isabela Paz and her family are boiling mad. The 43-unit building on 545 West 146th St. lost heat from Saturday night to Monday evening. When the hot water was restored around 7 p.m., the cold water stopped working, Paz, 33, said. Tuesday morning, the heat shut off again, but water remained scalding hot. “We have hot water but we don’t have cold water anymore,” she said in Spanish. “It’s too hot to use.” Paz has been filling pots of hot water and letting them cool for half an hour until her children can use them, she said.


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